Crime Lovers Movies on aha 2023

If you are a lover of Telugu crime movies and want to watch the latest movies online, you must subscribe to an OTT site of your choice. There are many people who stream top movies online on OTT channels rather than going to a movie theatre.

You can watch top Telugu movies online, such as Maha, Highway, Vikramakudu, Cold Case and many more. In this specific guide, you will learn more about these top Telugu movies and also know where to watch them.

Top Telugu Crime Movies on aha

The top Telugu crime movies that you can watch on aha are as follows:

  • Maha

This is one of the best crime movies to watch on top OTT sites; the director of this movie is U.R. Jameel. HansikaMotwani is the main protagonist in the movie, and the cast includes SanamShetty, HansikaMotwani, ManasviKottachi, Sujith Shankar, STR and many more. There are some violent scenes in this movie, but overall, the movie is good.

The story revolves around an air hostess who just lost her husband and lives with her girl child. Her child gets kidnapped and brutally murdered by a psycho killer in the city, and as similar incidents begin to happen, the police look to search for the killer. Finally, the air hostess looks to find the killer on her own.

The plot may not be something new, but the way the story is executed on the big screen is unique. Hansika plays her role to perfection in this movie, and there are some brutal scenes in this movie that children may find hard to watch. Sujith Shankar also plays the role of the cold-blooded murderer in the best way possible, and overall, it is a treat to watch this movie.

  • Highway

This is one of the best Telugu movies onlinethat you can choose to watch on top OTT sites. The director of this unique Telugu thriller movie is KV Guhan, and the cast includes AnandDeverakonda, Abhishek Banerjee, ManasaRadhakrishnan, SaiyamiKher and many more in lead roles. If you are a fan of crime thriller movies, you cannot miss this.

D Das is a psychopathic killer who has committed serial killings of women in Hyderabad. As the police take responsibility for the case, it becomes a mystery for them as they cannot find the killer’s motive. The investigation process is led by Asha Bharath, where you also get to see Vishnu, a photographer by profession, who begins his job in Bangalore. Watch the movie on top OTT sites to know what happens next.

  • Cold Case

This is a 2021 Telugu thriller movie directed by TanuBalak, the cast of the movie includes AditiBalan, PrithvirajSukumaran, AthemeeyaRajan and many more in lead roles. The story is interesting, and the editor of the movie is Shami Muhammad.

In this Telugu movie, you find ACP Sathyajith looking to identify the victim when a skull is found in a package and nab the killer. Other than that, a journalist who is haunted by a spirit also looks to investigate the case. If you are a fan of watching suspense scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat, this is a movie you will love.

  • Vikramarkudu

This is a 2006 Telugu action/comedy movie directed by S.S. Rajamouli. The cast includes AnushkaShetty, Ravi Teja, Vineet Kumar, Brahmanandam and many more in lead roles. This is a classic Telugu movie that people love to watch, and if you are a fan of crime/comedy movies, you can watch this movie.

Stream the Best Telugu Movies on aha.

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